My thoughts on the Whole SOPA Debacle and What It Could Mean.

As many of you know today has been a big day in the fight against the bill know as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) which in reality (could) affect the state of the internet and the way it runs and operates. While yes, fighting online piracy is something to be admired it can and should be done in a way that does not hurt other websites and citizens by having such harsh consequences. A tweet that has been floating around as of late that speaks volumes as to what I am trying to illustrate.

Does this really seem fair? In essences all the YouTube videos that have songs playing in the background would be illegal and punishable by law. If this Bill passes it will forever change the way we browse and interact with the web. Articles have been popping up all over the web about what this will mean.  An article by LifeHacker explains the Bill and how YOU can help  prevent it from going into effect.  Another article by CNET shows the effects of the Bill on you and answers a lot of questions that people have about the Bill. Reading through the Bill is an arduous task I don’t ask you to endure, I tried but the wording of the Bill made it treacherous and hard to decipher but you can rest assured when reading those two articles that this threat is imminent. It is something that will forever change the way we view the Word Wide Web.
So will you do your part to help? Here is one of the few ways you can help. Visit   and follow the directions to help stop these two bills from censoring the internet. Piracy is something to fight but these bills have more power then than that, so join with others to keep our internet a free place!  For the PEOPLE and by the PEOPLE , that is how it should always be!
Update:  Some of the senators that original co-supported have stood down but the Texas senator who is the biggest advocate still supports it.
Sources: [CNET : LifeHacker ]

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