CallBar 1.0 Hitting Cydia Shortly!

They’ve done it folks! CallBar 1.0 has been released! The great guys behind this awesome application are Elias (insert) and Joshua Tucker who developed the look and did all the documentation while Elias did all the coding and implementing! These guys make a great team and make an application that goes above and beyond what many have thought possible. Now to get to the meat of the article. This application is the best for quickly dismissing calls of all kinds. Some of the great benefits of the app is being able to be in a different application and being able to quickly decline a message without having to have an annoying pop-up block the call. It would come up as a banner message and all I then have to do is hit accept or decline. It works the same for Skype and other similar services. I recommend this to anyone who has lots of incoming calls because it makes it much more efficient and doesn’t waste RAM and is a solid tweak without glitches. I would have to say it is something that should have been created by Apple themselves.


The documentation for CallBar can be found here.


Sources : [joshmtucker][iDownloadBlog]



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