My Top 10 Tweaks on iOS 5.

Here is a list of my favorite tweaks that I have installed on my iPod running iOS 5.

1.Winterboard-Still my number one theming application that has been upgraded to support iOS 5! The themes work just as they did on the earlier versions!

2.Barrel-A fun tweak to change up the way page scrolling takes place. Instead of sliding left to right you can switch it to up or down. A swirl and many other patterns.

3.RSS Reader for Notification Centre- A great addition to Notification Centre for those who need to stay up to date on their favorite media outlet!

4.Activator-Still one of my favorite tweaks that makes things happen a bit faster. A big reason I use this is to be able to change the way I switch my song. (using Volume buttons/any way you wish). You can use this for many purposes such as opening up an app with a slide of the finger. Additional actions are available via Cydia!

5. SBSettings- My all-time favorite tweak has just been updated to support iOS5. This lets you put system toggles right into notification centre or through an action via Activator! You can also theme the toggles as you were previously allowed to do!

6. iFile – The best file navigator and manager available for iOS! Change file locations easily. For those who need file management this is the app you need. It took me a while to find but boy is it worth it. Email a file, send over bluetooth or just copy and save to a different location. Makes moving files a breeze.

7.Dreamboard- Another theming application which doesn’t make you respring! I love this application and the themes that are available are truly incredible! You can make your iDevice look like an Android. (We don’t really see why you would want to since you already have the best device available but each to his own) There is an ever-increasing number of Themes that get added but they not as bountiful as Winterboards collection.

8. Music Center- A really nice tweak that puts you in control of your music! Being a slide away to turn on and off music is nice! Easily change the song or tweet what you are listening to! The settings of this tweak is located in the settings section of your iDevice.

9.Gridlock-A pretty straightforward tweak that lets you put your icons anywhere on the screen. You can make endless arrays of page looks that help you know where your application is located!

10.WeeSpaces-A pretty awesome tweak that lets you switch to any previously running application. It is accessible via notification centre and is much handier then having to click twice and having to wait forever for it to pop up with previously running apps.

Here is a full list of tweaks from iDLB that are working with iOS 5.

Please tell me in the comments below your favorite iOS 5 tweaks and why you enjoy them! For more information contact me via twitter @iJoeSegalla or at


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