Favorite Social Networking Applications. Part 1-Twitter

Just a brief glimpse at what applications I use in my day-to-day travels. With so many Twitter applications to choose from I hardly knew where to begin looking. I tried out the native twitter application, which at the start met my needs but soon started falling behind. Plus I wasn’t very pleased with the interface. The next twitter application I tried was Tweetdeck which was amazing! I liked it but when I tried the application it had no push notifications which was really annoying to me. So I kept moving forward hoping to find one. The next several all fell short in one way or another, Echofon for Twitter and Twitbird. I still couldn’t find one. A few weeks later I was on Twitter and someone tweeted about a twitter application called TweetBot that he found absolutely amazing and well thought out. So I checked TweetBot out and after a time of consideration decided to fork over $2.99 for the application. I opened it up and fell in love with it from the start! The graphical interface was absolutely stunning. The clean interface was appeasing and everything was easy to reach. I decided from that moment on I would use no other twitter application for my iPod.


Native Twitter App


Now the iPad is a different story because Tweetbot does not have an iPad version, so here I was again with a dilemma. What application was I going to use for my iPad? It didn’t take me too long to figure out that the native twitter application was designed with the iPad in mind. Well at least that’s why I think. The application works flawlessly on the iPad and is very easy to navigate. I have yet to find an application where you can accept or decline follower request, so if anyone runs into one please let me know.

For more information contact me on twitter @iJoeSegalla. or email me at joeysegalla@gmail[dotcom].

Feel free to leave thoughts on what your favorite twitter applications are and why you enjoy them!


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