OSX Lion A Killer Theme for the iPhone [THEME]

I had this theme since it was in phase one which was several months back and since it’s release have loved it and used it with great joy. The first phase was very limited to what it now can do but still showed great progress for being in Cydia for only a few weeks. Now to what it looks like now. It is supposed to be like you are on an actual Mac which has been hard to replicate. Many themers have attempted this and I believe Timothy has been the only true successor at accomplishing this incredible task. The reason I give so much praise is because he has actually been able to accomplish what many have failed at and that is being able to replicate it proportionally and completely. The OSX Lion Dreamboard theme has come an amazing distance since initial conception and I am sure will continue to grow. The creator at this point is charging $3.50 for it on Cydia and further donations are appreciated by him.


    These pictures show how far this project has gone within a few short     months. The creator’s Modmyi’s site SirTimothy1 has even more  information and an additional video for you to check out if you really enjoy this theme. This is the most complete and  amazing Dreamboard theme and we recommend it!

Here is a video by the creator showing his perspective on his creation OSX Lion Ultimate Theme. 







For more information feel free to contact me via Twitter @Immercify.

Sources[Modmyi] [iDownloadblog]

Photo Courtesy of [iDownloadblog]


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