iPad 3 release next spring and Samsung kicked out of producing the displays.

We have heard many rumors in the past few months that have made it seem that the iPad 3 would be release sometime late this fall. We won’t ever know but it looks like the routine yearly releases are still being held by Apple and that it won’t be until next spring that we see the iPad 3. Samsung has been making Apples displays since the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, but here is the bad news for Samsung. Which I am sure hasn’t been helped by patent wars and intellectual property “theft”.  Apple seems to be looking for a new company or companies to make their new displays. It looks that Apple could be developing a bond with Japan’s Sharp. This report with CENS helped us figure this out.  

“Also, Japan’s Sharp, which has worked with Apple on a joint venture and set up a new production line specifically for the partner, is expected to squeeze Samsung out of Apple’s display panel supplier list by joining the iPad 3 supply chain.”

Samsung getting the boot.

This with the ongoing lawsuits would make sense with this new turn of events. Comments and questions are greatly welcomed below. For more information cantact me via Twitter.



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