NEWS:Sprint to be getting the iPhone 5

The iPhone is only available on two wireless carriers to date and this would make sense with Apples plan to grow when the time seems right, and boy is the time right. The iPhone 5 will be offered on Sprints network according to WSJ editor Dennis Berman who on his Twitter said.

“Sprint Nextel Corp. will begin selling the iPhone 5 in mid-October, people familiar with the matter said, closing a huge hole in the No. 3 U.S. carrier’s lineup and giving Apple Inc. another channel for selling its popular phone.”




This report lines up with rumors that we have been hearing about which include evidence of the new Apple iPhones to support both GSM and CDMA networks which would make it a truly global phone.  If they have Sprint on their minds T-Mobile can’t be far behind, can it? For all those travelers out there this would make your guy’s lives a whole lot easier and convince those who haven’t gotten an iPhone to do a revaluation. So now we wait eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone 5! Reports put the release to late September or early October.

So what are your opinions on Apple extending out to Sprint and possibly T-Mobile? Are you ready for a global Phone? Leave your thoughts and comments below. For more information contact me via Twitter @immercify.


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