If a seven year old can build an app I bet you can…

So now we have heard it all. If a seven year old has the determination to create an application I would most certainly hope that we to would be able to do it as well. Connor a seven year old and first grader has created an application called Toaster Pop.The idea for this application came from a friendly chat with his dad.


 “My dad was telling me about an old fashion toaster since I never saw one before. Then it just came to me to create an app, where toast would pop out of the toaster, land on a plate and you would have to butter it with butter”

To create the app of your dreams you need motivation and a plan and a whole lot of restless nights.  I am pretty sure that this boy Connor probably had a little more help then was led on but I do believe that this is a step forward in doing things that you have always dreamed of doing at a younger age. So congratulations Connor and we here hope it goes well for you!



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