RIM Prepares to Eliminate 2,000 Jobs

You heard right, Research In Motion is said to be laying off 2,000 employees as a part of there restructuringResearch In Motion


“As part of this broad effort, RIM is reducing its global workforce across all functions by approximately 2,000 employees. RIM intends to notify impacted employees in North America and certain other countries this week. The remainder of the global work force reductions will occur at a later date subject to local laws and regulations.  All impacted employees will receive severance packages and outplacement support.”

This statement by Research In Motion states the cuts it needs to make in order to be more efficient and not be lost in the smartphone war.This statement goes to show what Apple has done to other smartphone companies. These cuts come due to the shift in sales of blackberry® products and their tablet the Playbook has not done as well as hoped against Apple’s iPad. This combined effort will result in this initial layoff and then more at a later time if the need arises.

Research In Motion Quick Facts.

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1984
  • Headquarters in Waterloo,
    Ontario, Canada
  • Offices in North America,
    Asia-Pacific and Europe
  • Launched the BlackBerry
    smartphone in 1999
  • Led by Co-CEO Jim Balsillie
    and President and Co-CEO
    Mike Lazaridis


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