How easy it is to Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta?

The jailbreak community is pretty happy about this! Apparently the new notifications are going to be amazing. Apples first release of iOS 5 beta is said to be pretty stable. iOS 5 was jailbroken within 20 hours of the beta release. It was first jailbroken with L1mera1n and within the next several days it was re-jailbroken by RedSn0w, both of these jailbreaks are tether(every time you reboot you have to jailbreak.) which is only temporary because this is only the first beta by Apple. Hopefully, the next beta means we can have a jailbreak that is untethered but is unknown as of yet.  RedSn0ws jailbreak enables more things that are typically allowed in a normal jailbreak. Redsn0w is in addition to the L1mera1n and they need to be done together. This jailbreak is good news for when the official iOS 5 is released. It shows that the devs. are already hard at work and won’t be stopped by Apple. I have not yet tried this but have seen it done successfully. This Jailbreak is only for Devs. I don’t recommend this to an  *average* user, even one experienced in Jailbreaking.

External sources.’

*Dev-Team Blog

*RedSn0w Jailbreak


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