Debate of the Day. Twitter vs. Facebook…Your opinion?

So here we are Twitter vs. Facebook. We all have heard this discussed and fought over. The pros and cons of both are quite different. Twitter is more of just sharing your thoughts or information with others. It also is typically used in sharing with a fan base(i.e followers). Plus it is used in quick business talk and to lots of people at the same time. I do not believe it will be able to take over  facebook  but I believe it is a nice addition to facebook. The userablility isn’t quite all there but is a little nicer in sharing status’.  facebook is geared for wanting you to stay on the site and does an excellent job of accomplishing its mission. Facebook applications are a great distraction and have dominated the flash gaming industry. People are staying on Facebook longer and longer because of all its features. It gets you addicted and never lets you go. Many users love it but after a while some get annoyed with all the ads and application notifications. This is one of the disadvantages of Facebook.


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