Citigroup gets hacked, Now what?

As we see again another large industry hacked. First the playstation network and now Citigroup. This is a major scare for those on the front-lines of  cyber-crime defense and security. The measures that we have now will not support us in the future. Those who don’t believe this to be true are too comfortable. The hackers of today are organizing themselves into a mafia of sorts. Agencies need to realize  this and do something about it. Being pro-active will help in the long-run and give us a head start of those in the crime rings. Technology is said to be  the fastest moving industry in the world. Therefore we spend the most on it.(time and money) We need to be careful as to realize that we are responsible for the future, and the government needs to do all it can against cyber-crime. Cyber criminals think they can get away with anything, so we need to show them they can’t. I believe that they don’t feel like their hurting anyone because they aren’t doing any physical pain. We cannot give our money to those who we cannot trust so they the banks need to earn our trust by making sure they have done all they can to insure our protection. Would you agree? Post your ideas and comments please I would love to hear your views.

Check out the rest of the story here  at the NYTimes.

Link to the rest of the developing story.


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