Apples new iCloud release.


Apples new iCoud

So apple has finally done it. Release the much debated iCloud service. The beta version is now out if you update iTunes to its newest update. The new service is I believe to be a bit hit for those who have iPhones. Being able to have all your music online without having to take up precious disk space will greatly benefit the nerds out there(the people who are always freaking out about not having enough space even though they have 4 and a half gigs left). Those who have wanted mobileme but didn’t want to give Apple the satisfaction of another hundred a year will greatly love the new service just because they will finally get the service for free. So this is just one of the many new releases of last weeks WWDC. Tell me what you think of the new iCloud feature. Is it just a bad idea or a freaking great one??



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