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csl & randI just watched another documentary about the controversial Ayn Rand, who wrote Atlas Shrugged. The program, “Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged,” claimed that book is the number one selling hardcover in history (following the Bible, of course).

Although I haven’t read it, I witness it’s growing influence as it becomes more frequently referenced in political discussions. It is a favorite (sometimes even referred to as the “gospel”) of Libertarians.

Rand was a Soviet refugee, and much of what she anticipated, has come to pass. Unbridled government regulations, she predicted, would strangle creativity and production. The welfare state would collapse upon itself as it eroded the incentive to work. In her call for less government interference and oversight, she echoes the concerns of growing numbers of Americans on both the left and the right.

This reflects a reversal of her argument’s reception when it was published…

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Reflections of a little boy in a big world

As I sit here listening to a sermon by Lou Giglio I realize how often we forget how holy God is. He told Moses to tell Pharaoh that his name was I AM. He does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. These thoughts strike me slightly different today as I ponder what that really means. Does anyone else claim to be the I AM? I couldn’t say without researching it, as that is not the point of this post I won’t go off on a wild speculative rant about it. I just don’t think many people have. It is not something many people would want to claim to be. It would be all too easy for most people to be proven wrong about how much they change. We are humans, we have feelings and ideas and those are ever-changing. We cannot claim to be something so absolute. Back to my initial narrative, God’s Holiness really amazed me tonight. He is Perfect, amazing, never changing, but ever present. I don’t often take the time to think on things like this. Too many distractions get in the way but I realize this is what having time off is all about, getting to know your Creator better. He is the reason you are here, is it not? He gives you breath every moment of every day why don’t we sit back and think upon His goodness or holiness. There are thousands of character qualities we could ponder or perhaps something good He did in your life recently. Also, it doesn’t have to be a good thing, perhaps a bad circumstance led you closer to Him, perhaps it made you realize how much you need Him. I just wanted to give a few insights on what I thought of tonight.

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Website Design – The Design Process Part 1

Design. This term seems to be overused as of late. Design according to dictionary.com means ” to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of.”  This step is vital in the creation of a website among many other things. If done incorrectly the website will run itself into the ground before it has even had a chance to be recognized. The design of a site is quite a different story than the development of the site. Development starts only after the design is completed. I tend to make the mistake of starting to develop (code) the site before I have a solid design in place. Much time is wasted in this process because you don’t really know what you want.


The design process starts with the question of “What is the purpose of my site?”. For me in designing joeysegalla.com I knew that it was going to be my portfolio. People would be able to go there and see what I had created, my personal info and contact information and whatever tidbits I thought people should know. It was in essence my little corner of the inter-webs. The second question I asked myself was “How complicated do you want it to be?”. I easily answered this by deciding to make it a single page. A portfolio rarely needs to  be more than a few pages and I wanted to keep it short and simple. I didn’t want to go into it and lose steam halfway through so the one page was an excellent choice.


The next thing was the actual design of the site. I   thought about it for a while and decided to go with something a bit different then I had previously thought up. I went with a vertical left-sided sidebar navigation. The navigation of the webpage is in my opinion the most crucial design aspects of the whole website. It is the core structure in which you move about the website and the major point of reference. It is also a primary factor in good UI & UX of your site. I have ran across several sites in which the design is beautiful but because the navigation was not given ample thought it was a UX nightmare. This is a reason why many people stick with a simple horizontal design with a boring-as-molasses hover effect. Don’t get me wrong, this can be done in a beautiful and simplistic way but is many times dry and mundane. I love going to a site and being pleasantly surprised by a refreshing yet simplistic design.

Color Scheme

Another very important beginning step in the design process is the color scheme. The color scheme will make or break your site. That is a truth. I can personally guarantee that every  single person reading this has ran across a site which had clashing colors which made you want to shoot yourself. The color scheme is more important than you know. Colors first of all have a psychological impact on human beings. Doing a bit of research on how colors affect people is critical. This plus the content and theme of your site will help determine your color scheme more thoroughly. You don’t want to come up with a theme that has nothing to do with the content. In example, I wouldn’t want to have a space theme if my site was talking about chimpanzees. That would be counterproductive and a very large UX inconsistency. Unless the theme was about the chimpanzees going into space it would be ridiculous. Unless the whole site was dedicated to chimps going into space it would not make sense to have a space theme. You want to theme the overall idea, not a specific detail.  There are many factors in determining the color scheme but the content should be the deciding factor. You want the content to look good so making it too colorful can be  catastrophic. You want the design to compliment the content. The site should be appealing but the purpose is not necessarily to have the prettiest site. The purpose is for the user to enjoy the design while being able to get access to enriching content, whatever that may be. Always remember “Content is King”.

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UI – User Interface

UX – User Experience

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Some Awesome Quotes By C.S Lewis

Here are a few quotes I really like by C.S Lewis.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” – C.S. Lewis

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.” – C.S. Lewis

“God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.” – C.S. Lewis

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil. ” – C.S. Lewis

One of my favorite quotes by Lewis because I can totally relate to it!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis

Theme Giveaway Coming!

Just a quick little heads-up. There is going to be a theme give away going on at TechKon on  Monday, April 2. It is for a very complete, sleek red and black theme called FurianHaz3. So make sure you look for that post on Monday the 2. It is by a very good themer named @iHaz3. Here are some screenshots to get you excited.




Just wanted to give my friends a heads up since you might not otherwise hear of it! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 

TechKon Staff and friend.


iPhoto Released for iOS (TechKon Exclusive)


During the Apple Keynote on March 7 Apple announced new updates for many of its iOS applications. While, those updates were quite something it wasn’t the thing that was hyped as much as iPhoto. Apple spent a reasonable amount of time showing off the wonder on the new iPad. The 106 MB iOS 5.1 only application is available for the iPhone and iPad. iPhoto joins the ranks alongside iWork (Keynote, Pages, and Numbers), iMovie and Garageband which completes the iLife suite for iOS.


  1. Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels points out that iPhoto for iOS isn’t using Google Maps. I’ve looked at Apple’s about information, and they relay no information regarding a third-party for their mapping software. In house solution?
  2. iPhoto for the iPhone isn’t incredibly fast (this might be a first run issue and caused by photos still being added to the library) and other possible bugs. There’s also a lot of loading pop-ups as images are edited and the library updates. Some people are also not huge fans of it crashing.
  3. Tools like sharpen are choppy, but are usable. Otherwise, the interface gives you a lot of options. Not quite Snapseed, but very learnable.
  4. You touch directly where you want to edit for most of the precision tools which is a thing that will take a bit to master. It isn’t quite a replacement for professional editing tools like Photoshop and iPhoto for Mac but is definitely a powerful tool on iOS and is headed in an amazing direction.

Update: Gruber at Daring Fireball is reporting that the maps data being used in iPhoto’s location feature is still provided by Google, but that the maps provided in iPhoto’s slideshow and journal sharing options are an Apple in-house solution. Assume something big is happening sometime in the future with mapping. Apple did purchase acquire two mapping companies recently so we shall what Apple plans on doing with them.

iPhoto for iOS Screenshots

iPhoto Description

iPhoto is a universal app that runs on iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4 or later.
With iPhoto for iOS, Apple brings Multi-Touch to photography in a breakthrough way. Browse, edit, and share your photos from your iPad or iPhone, like never before – all the powerful tools you need are at your fingertips. And with iCloud, you can share your experiences as stunning photo journals.

Use simple gestures to quickly sort through photos and find your best shots. A powerful set of Multi-Touch tools helps you perfect color and exposure, crop, straighten, and retouch images. Enhance pictures by adding beautiful, Apple-designed effects with just a tap. Or use fingertip brushes to apply adjustments exactly where you want them. In addition to posting photos to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter, you can beam photos between your iPhone and iPad, stream photos and slideshows to your Apple TV with AirPlay, and use iCloud to publish photo journals to the web to share your stories with friends and family in a whole new way.

Smart Browsing
• Use simple gestures to quickly sort through dozens or even hundreds of photos
• Automatically find similar photos, so you can quickly make comparisons
• View multiple photos side-by-side to help you choose your best images
• Tap to mark any photo with a flag, select a favorite, or hide an image
• Resize and reposition scrollable thumbnail grid for optimal browsing in any orientation

Multi-Touch editing
• Simply touch and drag on the parts of the image you want to change
• Touch and drag on the image to adjust blue skies, greenery, and skin tones
• Drag the white balance loupe to make precise color corrections
• All image adjustments are completely non-destructive and can be modified at any time
• Straighten your pictures with a tap using automatic horizon detection

• Use your fingertip to paint photo adjustments right where you need them
• Turn on edge detection to help you apply adjustments with even more precision
• Lighten, darken, and change saturation or sharpness selectively
• Paint out spots and blemishes with a powerful Repair brush
• Brush away red-eye, or use the Soften brush to minimize wrinkles

Professional-quality effects
• Enhance your photos with dozens of beautiful, Apple-designed effects
• Touch and drag to add drama to landscapes with a selection of graduated filters
• Create a perfectly toned black-and-white photo by simply dragging your finger
• Pinch and zoom a vignette or tilt-shift filter to focus on a key part of the photo
• Apply artistic effects to transform your photos into brilliant watercolors

Photo Journals
• Share your stories in a whole new way as beautiful photo journals
• iPhoto automatically flows your pictures into a great-looking layout that’s fun to personalize
• Freely move and resize photos with a touch of your finger
• Touch and drag to add captions, maps, dates, and even the weather
• Publish your photo journals to iCloud as stunning web pages to share

Other great iPhoto features
• iPhoto is a universal app, optimized for both iPhone and iPad
• Create cinematic slideshows of your photos with a few taps
• Post directly to Facebook or Flickr and view friends’ comments on your photos
• Beam photos between your iPhone and iPad, including all non-destructive adjustments
• Use AirPlay to stream photos and slideshows to your HDTV over Wi-Fi with Apple TV
• Print your photos wirelessly on an AirPrint-enabled printer

Some features require an iCloud account and/or compatible internet access.
AirPrint requires an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer.
AirPlay is compatible with the second-generation Apple TV or later.

You can download the application from the iTunes store here.

Feel free to drop a line in the comments section below voicing your opinion on iPhoto for iOS.

GarageBand version 1.2 hits ITunes store!

That’s right folks, Apple brought us quite a few treats today including an update to Garageband!
What’s New in Version 1.2
• Start a Jam Session to play or record live with up to three of your friends using iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch*
• Conduct an entire string orchestra using Smart Strings
• Use the Note Editor to adjust or fine-tune any Touch Instrument recording
These are some of the new features that are included in the update! I am most excited for the ability to record music with other people! A new and creative way to collaborate wherever you are! So go and check it out on iTunes! Here is the link.
Source: [Apple]